Welcome to SetSpace

SetSpace is a software system that tracks and categorizes "facts" about blobs and stores those facts in a PostgreSQL relational database. The blobs are stored in another system named BlobIO and are not stored in the relational database.


Tue Dec 27 10:12:46 CST 2011
Built staging web site stage.setspace.com
Sun Dec 18 00:50:30 CST 2011
Added search engines jump page and javascript
Thu Nov 17 07:43:26 CST 2011
Created My View of blobs
Wed Sep 7 22:59:52 CDT 2011
Added search link to google for current setspace query.
Wed Jul 6 21:13:22 CDT 2011
First attempt at PDF Search using PostgreSQL 9.0 text search.
Tue Nov 2 08:43:42 CDT 2010
First version of the web site.